July 19th, 2007

Captain Zorikh ALL OVER Who Wants To Be A Millionaire!

Greetings, all. First I want to welcome those of you who are new to Captain Zorikh's list. I assure you, this list will only about those events and activities that are of vital importance, in short, those that Your Humble Narrator is involved in.
I don't actually have any musical gigs, plays, or comic book conventions coming up this time around, but I did want to share with you the fact that Yours Truly is ALL OVER the New York interviews of "Who Wants to be a Superhero" as Captain Repairman!
I'm actually rather proud of this. Though I did not make it onto the show, I do feel that at least a little of why I want to be a superhero came through.
Copy-paste or click the link, and enjoy. Feel free to write and tell me what you think!
Captain Zorikh
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