September 23rd, 2007

It could happen to anyone. Why me? Lost guitar on Subway

There are 8 million stories in the naked city. Some of them intertwine and intersect. I am sending this message in the hope that in a week of entwining intersections, there can be just one more that can help me get my guitar back.
Captain Zorikh did it again. After an enjoyable evening at the Church of Pop website launch party ( , a very interesting event of multi-media art and entertainment), I headed home on the L train at about 12:15 with every intention of getting home and working on my Captain Marvel Culture website ( I had my Washburn acoustic guitar in its black Manny's Music gig bag on my back, but took it off so I could stand up and distribute a few flyers for the Big Apple Convention coming up on November 16-17-18 ( I sat back down when I was done and pulled out a copy of Avengers #191 to read for the rest of the brief journey. When I got to the Montrose Ave stop, I got up and walked out. I stopped at the deli outside the subway exit, and, after ordering a roast beef sandwich (lettuce, tomato and mustard, on a roll), I realized...I didn't have my guitar.
I rushed back down to the subway platform and told the token booth attendant (I'm sorry, I'll always call them that. Just nostalgic, I guess) who did yeoman service making phone calls to let the conductor know that I had left my guitar in the train and to see if he could find it. After an interminable wait, the word guitar.
It's a very horrible feeling to realize one has lost his guitar. This guitar has been a significant part of my livelihood for the past few years. It is one of the few purchases I have made that has paid for itself, many times over. It has helped me get through rough emotional times and helped me communicate my joy with other people.
But also with the guitar was the case it was carried in, and in that case were extra strings, two harmonicas and a harmonica holder, a capo, extra picks, loose change from busking, and a dozen or so Watch This Space comics, various issues, for me to sell.
It was a dumb, simple, way of forgetting it. Such a significant loss for such a miniscule payoff.
So I guess three things could have happened. 12) a good Samaritan now has my guitar and is going through my extra strings, harmonica, loose change from busking (all the foreign coins and amusement park slugs that get tossed in) and dozen or so copies of my Watch This Space comics to find contact info to get the guitar back to its rightful owner or 2) they turned it in to a station attendant who will turn it in to the MTA lost & found or 3) they are keeping it for themselves, thus saving $350 on a very good-sounding guitar (despite some wear and tear). There is also the possibility that it was kidnapped by aliens, but that's not very likely and I don't accept it. If it had been taken for an "unattended package" then the train line would have been shut down and I would know exactly where it is.
So, over the course of this week I have met one person from my alma mater, the School of Visual Arts, one person who is an artist who regularly goes to the Big Apple Convention, and two people that I have known through William Shakespeare's Haunted House, and one who I first met in the SCA, then later when she was working at Belvedere Castle when WSHH was performing there, then again when she turned out to be a friend of a co-worker at Anchor Network, then again when she was waitressing at Veselka. With all these coincidences, I can only hope for just one more, the coincidence that one of you within the sound of my voice knows the person, or is the person, who picked up my guitar that I lest on the L train heading for Broadway Junction at Montrose Ave at about 12:20 in the morning of Saturday night/ Saturday morning September 23-23.
You can see a picture of the guitar at
On Monday I will call the MTA's Lost & Found. When I have the results of that investigation, or if somehow my guitar gets back to me sooner, I will let you all know.
I won't send out a "please buy my products at or buy something from by clicking on the link on almost any page of my website and help me get a new guitar" message until after I have determined that the guitar is actually lost and gone forever.
Captain Zorikh
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