September 6th, 2008

Captain Zorikh's Birthday Open Mike Crawl!



Hi Friends and Fans. It's that time of year again! Yes, every September 6th I celebrate the anniversary of my first exposure to this fabulous mystery we call Life. This year it happens to fall upon this coming Saturday.


I have decided that this year I will do not one, but TWO open mikes!


The first one will be at Banjo Jim's at 700 E. 9th Street, just off Ave C. Sign up is at 2:45, and the music begins at 3:00 PM


The second one will be at Paddy Reilly's, the famous bar the Black 47 used to do weekly gigs at. It is located at 519 2nd Ave at 29th Street, and they know how to pour a proper Guinness! Sign up is at 5:30The action begins there at 6:00 PM.


If we last that long we might make it to the open jam at Fat Cat on 75 Christopher Street at 1:30 AM.


There will be a diner stop along the way at a place to be determined.


I would love to see as many people along this “crawl” as possible. Those of you who are musicians (and I know who you are) are invited to jam with me or to sign up and do your own open mike performance.


You can join in at any point along the crawl. Just call me at 917-865-1214 if you are not sure where I am at any particular moment to join (like if you want to join in the “to be determined” dinner stop).


Happy Birthday to Me! (If you were there last year, you know how old I am this year!)


Captain Zorikh